Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy

The purpose of this grievance procedure policy is to ensure complete transparency and accountability on account of KP Seed Fund’s application, evaluation, and fund disbursement process.

KP Seed Fund Management Team’s Responsibility

It is KP Seed Fund team’s responsibility to:

  • Accept and thoroughly investigate all grievance complaint forms
  • Ensure that the grievance is resolved within the due course
  • Adhere to the no-retaliation policy when startups file a complaint
  • Practice a high level of confidentiality throughout the grievance process
  • Accept and investigate all appeals


The complainant and those that stand accused of a grievance are prohibited from discussing the matter with any startup in the process of KP Seed Fund.


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Please retain a copy of this form for your own records. As the grievant, please make sure that the information you've provided on this form is truthful.