Tech Startup Ecosystem is booming in Pakistan. Here is Why?


Today’s Tech scene is fiercely competitive. According to Forbes, most tech startups are now geared not to find a single solution that can solve all of your problems but to identify the most significant pain point and create a better solution for that particular scenario.

 What is a Tech Startup?

Tech startups are those companies that introduce new technologies to the market by offering tech-enabled quirky solutions. Tech startup ecosystems are on the rise as they offer numerous benefits for businesses. These include enabling economies to move forward in creating jobs and wealth, allowing founders to connect and scale their potential, and allowing the entrepreneurs to share their stories to overcome problems and challenges.

Global Tech Startup Ecosystem

Technology has transformed our lives and our businesses. It’s creating new options, changing where we live and how we work.

“From introducing a new industry to influencing where people live – these tech-driven changes will continue.”

Aon’s Managing Director of Technology & Communications, Eric Boyum

Entrepreneurship and startup fever has been boosted globally by the pandemic. Startups now increasingly focus on logistics, delivery, and IT services to respond to changing consumer demands. As per CB Insights research, global Tech Startups raised $628bn in 2021, more than twice as large as in 2016. According to the Economist, about more than 34,000 deals were completed during the same period.

Tech Startup Ecosystem Pakistan

There has been an unprecedented boom in Pakistan’s Tech Startup Ecosystem over the last year. This is due to the growing human capital in the country and rising investments in technology startups. Dawn news and Startup Pakistan reported that Pakistani start-ups had raised the US 240 million dollars in investment in 2021. The figure was US 66 million dollars in 2020. Economists and capitalists believe this growth will be doubled in the coming years.


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