Bridging the Gap between Esports & Mainstream Sports


Esports is an emerging industry with a phenomenal growth rate and hence the need to bridge the gap between esports and sports is becoming increasingly significant. The panelists for this discussion included Nesligul Dniz – Head of Education at Learn2Esport, Bruce Kaider- CEO at One Sports & Entertainment, and Stephanie Rice – 3X Olympic Gold Medalist & Mental Performance Coach.

Stephanie started off the conversation by expressing her passion for esports & gaming and at the same time finding a balance between sports, esports and the business side. Bruce mentioned how the elements of competition, motivation, and winning are similar between esports and sports and the driving forces that bridge the gap. He discussed the merits of esports from the career point of view saying that “Not everybody is made for mainstream sports however in esports there are a lot of options to consider that includes working with a game developer, managing the team, or being an esports player itself”

When Nesligul asked the panelist how esports have helped in team-building among students and friends, especially during the Covid times, Bruce was quick to second the opinion by narrating his personal situation. He aired the importance of the gaming community and how esports helped his sons to stay mentally healthy as well as socially connected with friends across the globe. Steph on the other hand stressed how gamification and app learning has always been a form of training for mental focus and reaction skills and the same concepts apply in esports as it teaches you to be more resilient.

“Mainstream sports teaches you mental focus and alertness through physical movement, but esports teaching you the same online”- Stephanie

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