How do we monetize our games apps for growth in games industry?


The panel discussion held at Game X conference 2021, organized by Epiphany, included highly intellectual thought leaders in the game development & mobile game apps industry. It included Asad Mehmood CEO- ConsoliAds and Alex – Customer & Product Head at Yodo1.

There are two ways to go about monetizing your game, firstly showing your ads while playing a game – known as in-app ads, and secondly via in-app purchases where you incentivize users to buy virtual currency to continue playing game levels.

“Hybrid monetization is a new concept where you can earn money by promoting in-app purchases through ads”- Asad

When asked about which is the best choice to have in games model i.e. a premium or a free version both the panelists agreed that free to play games is a dominant market as it develops credibility and players base in the beginning rather than premium games where you have no clue what the game is about and hence low probability of audience paying for it.

Asad mentioned how the game apps advertising and marketing has evolved over the years and how ConsoliAds allows in-app purchase campaigns for new game features or game products that other companies want to promote for instance virtual currency or unlock a new paid level. He mentioned his company’s future plans of displaying ads in an immersive 3D environment in the game.

How cool is that? Although Alex believed that such non-intrusive ad experience in 3D platform is still a long way before its successful launch in the industry. He further added how yodo1 has a reporting software namely ‘ad hock’ that analyses the different game points based on market leaders of their genre.

The discussion further directed towards the pros and cons of loot boxes and how developers need to understand the legal consequences of loot boxes as it’s similar to a gambling feature. Alex also highlighted that for games to be monetized it’s important to develop worthwhile games that has a high retention rate and downloads. He stressed how the game needs to capture interest at every level to ensure increasing game ad revenue over time. Building upon that very idea, Asad mentioned how the time period during which you gradually lose game retention (downloads) can be assessed as a threshold for ads spend to develop game ad revenue. Simply put retention rate is directly related to ad spent but we can still monetize the game during that LTV.

The conversation was very informative and to a great length refreshing from a game ad monetization perspective.

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