Nurturing Talent in the Games Industry?


How can we ensure that the rising game talent pool stays well-informed and mentored properly within the games industry? It’s crucial to stay updated and nurtured in the global game industry as it is moving a mile a minute, hence this astute panel discussion at Game X conference 2021 organized by Epiphany was absolutely imperative for professionals as well as game rookies. The panelists included Marcus Foon, Global Program MANAGER – Indie Games Accelerator at Google, Emma Smith – Talent Head @Creative Assembly and Mahum Khan, SDET, Switch Platform Team at Unity Technologies and Yasser Awan – Director of Labs at Mindstorm Studios moderated the conversation.

The discussion took off with a light-hearted question “How young is young game talent in this particular industry to start their careers?

Children are normally 3-4 years old when they start picking technology and they are fearless when it comes to playing games, storytelling, and other digital platforms to have fun! said Emma.

“Tech and games together is a powerful combination for developing self confidence in a child”- Emma

Marcus went onto mention that age isn’t important when it comes to gaming as long as there is a safe learning environment for youngsters. Mahum was of the view that in Pakistani culture toddlers are given puzzle games for problem-solving and that starts to kick set the gaming mind in children from a very early age. When Yasser asked the panelist on choosing one essential personality trait to be successful in the gaming industry all the panelist has a unanimous viewpoint i.e. problem-solving.

Emma explained about her Legacy Project, how its nurturing the computer sciences students to get education from influential game developers and this model is developing a win-win situation for the UK economy. Marcus mentioned that the challenges within the game industry by highlighting that creating game communities at a global level can be a solution for increasing connectivity, visibility and awareness among gamers.

To know about the upside of the games industry and current challenges faced globally, watch the full conversation at our Youtube Channel below.

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