The revolution of Investment from business to gaming industry


The investment in games, esports, entertainment, and media is still not mainstream in Pakistan and how founders can grow in this game space without funds is a very interesting topic for conversation at Game X 2021. This outstanding one of the kind game tech media conference was organized by Epiphany – an entrepreneurial venture that aims to accelerate growth firms and drive startup business. This discussion was held amongst the top leader figures that included Khurram Zafar, Director at 47 Ventures LTD, Faraz Ahmed CEO at Turbo Labz, and moderated by Giovanna Melfi Founder at Metamorphosis Biz.

“In every business distribution of the product is the biggest challenge however in the gaming industry the process of conceiving, launching and distributing is taken care of by mega distributor & publishers”- Khurram

He further stressed the need for a talent hunt that understands the dynamics of the game industry and is committed to developing market-accepting products and mentioned companies like Turbo Labz and ConsoliAds who are impacting the industry.  The panelist raised a valid question by asking Khurram what are the three factors a non-game investor needs to consider when deciding on investing in a game? He replied that an investor focuses on team strength, high rewards, and a rapid growth opportunity. The growth depends on game quality and the ability of game monetization.

Khurram also touched upon the concept of gamification in leadership and training and how the market size is still unknown relatively.

Faraz mentioned how research and game market analysis is important for successful investment in this particular industry and talked about how their strategy for chess game largely depended on 700bn pre-existing market size and the fact that it’s not a new game. At the last Khurram addressed the risk metrics in a game that might help a game investor make significant decisions that included customer acquisition cost, retention rate, and average game revenue per active user. Want to learn more about how game investment can be turning a new leaf in the game industry, watch the entire conversation here.

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