The rise of Metaverses and what the future holds?


We are all curious about metaverses as it’s an uncommonly new and out worldly concept, especially in the gaming industry. This extremely informative discussion was led by solo panelist Phillip Van Nethervelde – VR Veteran & Metaverse Builder at Game X Conference 2021, organized by Epiphany. Phillip initiated the conversation by telling the audience that the concept of meta by facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is different from the metaverse in VR/AI industry. He further mentioned that as the global media industry created such a hype around metaverses, even Alibaba launched their version of metaverse for China’s black Friday. Phillip believed that Facebook needed to rebrand itself into a positive spin as it continued to face the lowest price/earnings ratio than any social network and huge problem-solving problems. Hence the switch to name Meta got universal blowback.

What is a metaverse?

A metaverse is a persistent social virtual world where one can live, create, work and play. He mentioned about the brief history of metaverses and how the notion came to life in the early 70’s as precursors and evolved in ’20s as blockchain e.g. decentraland, Somnium etc. He touched upon the topic how Microsoft and meta are on a collision course for metaverse competition and his future plans for the stealth projects.

Phillip also expounded in detail on the future of metaverse that would include consolidation of multiple metaverses, OASIS graphics in real-time, portable avatars and Omni-device. Concluding the conversation he said,

“I would commend fortnight on their insight that their platform could be used as a musical concert, so in future metaverses will be built upon live events, esports, music concerts etc.”

To know more about how metaverses evolve into immersive 3d racing platforms and metaverse universe watch the full conversation. Click the link below.

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