Epiphany celebrates Women Empowerment and Leadership
Epiphany celebrates Women Empowerment and Leadership
Epiphany celebrates Women Empowerment and Leadership


Epiphany celebrates women empowerment and leadership every day, in line with our commitment to support women-led businesses in Pakistan and promote their active participation in all walks of life, at home and at the workplace. Our stance on women’s entrepreneurship and gender equality in the workforce is strongly manifested in our policies and practices. From maintaining a high women ratio as employees in our organization and providing a safe and cordial environment for them, to ensuring gender diversity in all our curated events, to highlighting strong women role models, to crafting women-specific programs, Epiphany is working consistently towards the achievement of SDG Goal 5: Gender Equality.

Our Initiatives for Women

We are proud to be a trendsetter through initiatives like Smashing It! that highlight women’s inspirational stories to Wonder Women in the Gaming World that introduces super talented women professionals and gamers in the games and esports industry. We have a tremendous passion to elevate women entrepreneurs and have led women-focused investment raising programs such as “Building Boss Ladies”, and “Entrepreneurs’ Growth & Fundraising Readiness”, as well as “Shanakht”, a skills-building program for women home-based workers in Orangi, Karachi.

Participation at Women-Focused Events

Furthermore, our Founder and CEO, Samar Hasan, consistently endorses diversity and inclusion through participation at national and international initiatives such as International Day of the Girl Child 2021 – Digital Generation.  Our Generation by Global Women Leaders platform, Women in EdTech – Online Pitch Event.

Our Pledge to Promote SDG 5

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 5) talks about gender equality and promoting women empowerment in every walk of life, in the professional arena and in the domestic realm. In continuation of our commitment towards SDG 5: Gender Equality, Epiphany has taken a pledge at an event organized by the SDG Secretariat of the National Assembly on March 7, 2022:

“Epiphany pledges to work closely with SDG secretariat to promote women entrepreneurship, digital and financial literacy for women, and advocate for women’s participation and leadership in socio-economic, technology and political arenas.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Epiphany has rolled out the #SheShines campaign which is highlighting Pakistan women of strength from all walks of life. Epiphany is also rolling out a three-month mentorship program this month with S&P Global under the Million Mentorship initiative to enable women entrepreneurs to grow and advance their businesses.

What’s in Store for Us?

Epiphany will be featuring women political leaders and parliamentarians in special Smashing It sessions this year. How exciting is that! And, this year at Game X 2022, young women will be given more opportunities to showcase their gaming talent.

Stay tuned as a lot more is coming up to challenge and uplift women!


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