How to Leverage different Channels in Marketing your Game?


We use different social media channels to market our business but have we stopped to wonder which channel is most effective for promoting games and keeping the target audience engaged with high ROI? This panel discussion held at Game X Conference 2021 organized by Epiphany, solely revolves around this interesting topic. The panelists involved M. Bin Zaheer, CCO at ConsoliAds, Anya Combs Director of Games Outreach at Kickstarter, Hayley MacFarlane, Marketing & Communication Consultant at Ti Agency, and Manal Assad, Brand & Digital Expert at DPDGrroup.

The conversation started off with a playful game by asking judges what they preferred between the two options, when asked to choose between PlayStation OR Xbox to which M. Zaheer and Hayley opted for Xbox whilst Manal and Anya chose PlayStation as their gaming console. When asked if Tick Tock or Instagram is a preferred medium for gaming content in the future, all the panelists agreed to Tick Tock from an influencer marketing perspective.  When the judges were asked about their insights about non-traditional marketing methods for gaming Hayley mentioned partnerships between fashion influencers/brands and game companies. Zaheer mentioned the importance of paid advertising, catchy game design graphics, and game in-app advertising, all of which are contingent upon the good quality of a game. Anya on the other hand stressed building a fan community and keeping it engaged as a pre-launch game strategy VS paid advertising that bombards the general audience with game ads that might not convert.

Zaheer talked about the significance of game market analytics and competitors before producing and marketing a game. He mentioned the infamous squid game being a success as a result of it. Hayley on a parting note mentioned that the marketing mix has changed post-covid as now publishers integrate non-traditional marketing including tick-tock, Instagram, etc. as a part of how to promote the game to a larger young audience.

To watch the full conversation head over to our YouTube.

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