Intersection of Games and Responsible Fashion Consumption

How can game mechanism motivate consumers towards sustainable fashion is a trending topic nowadays and the panelists for this conversation included Marta Waydel, Fashion Innovation Strategist at Ikleid, Tracy Wong, Founder at Voor and Sehrish Raza, Founder at Biz B ( moderator )

The discussion started off with the mention of the metaverse and virtual stores in the fashion industry to which Marta responded that ‘it’s still a long way to go however changing avatars has existed before in FIFA games etc. but digital clothes can be the new form of niche sustainable fashion’.

Veering further into the topic of digital fashion Tracy mentioned a very perceptive idea that metaverse can boost sustainable fashion by allowing your digital twin to wear and shop digital clothes. How mind-blowing is that? It resolves the problem of wastage and creates on-demand consumption within the fashion market. Sehrish asked the panelists if digital clothing has the ability to unleash creativity and showcase designer’s talent more so, as there is no actual tangible product existing. Marta and Tracy have a unanimous viewpoint that many artists or designers lack photoshop technical skills required to indulge in such a platform. Tracy mentioned government regulations regarding wastage and the need to educate the general public regarding sustainable fashion.

To watch the full conversation click below.



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