An intensive understanding of the Business of Games


“Passion alone can’t survive if you can’t make a living at it” – Jay Powell. He pointed that out for all the game enthusiasts who want to make a career in the game industry. To understand the business of Games is crucial for all gamers, hence this discussion by Jay Powell – CEO The Powell Group at Game X Conference 2021, organized by Epiphany.

Jay stressed upon the business development side of the gaming industry and talked about the importance of relationship building, persistence, ability to learn and adapt to new market trends as the key principles. He mentioned the importance of publishers to get the game published and increase visibility in market. “It’s who you know matters more than what you know,” he said when talking about the power of networking.

He expounded in detail on the skills required to ensure an absolute success of a game, which included marketing & PR, prospecting, negotiation, Project & Team Management and endorsement. From a marketing perspective, you must establish yourself as expert by reading industry-related blogs, podcasts, newsletters, etc. Prospecting includes getting around the industry guidelines, making mailing lists, web news all that includes “grunt work” to navigate your way towards a publisher. Project management plays a pivotal role as that implies having the right people on the right job whilst endorsement is all about asking referrals and delivering what you promised.

When asked what platforms to use when launching a hyper-casual game for indie game developers and designers? He replied Switch as it’s a great medium for free to play and even premium hyper-casual games.

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